A New Season

We recently said farewell to Deanna Braun, Guatemala Program Manager. This month, Deanna shares some parting comments with us as she reflects on the past six-plus years she spent with Outtatown. We pray God's blessing for her in her next season of life.


Every season comes to an end. It is important to enjoy the present moment and to be intentional about reflecting on lessons learned that can be taken and applied in the future. This is a message that we share with our leaders and students every September. The Outtatown program has a finite ending for each year’s participants. My time with Outtatown has also come to an end. As I reflect back over the past six years, I have many fond memories of connecting with students, leaders, and ministry partners and I have learned and grown in my personal faith in Jesus.

One particular way that I have grown in my faith is by learning to trust in God’s faithfulness. Planning a travelling and adventure program for multiple groups across multiple provinces and countries takes a lot of logistical planning. No matter how much time, effort, and details were put in to make sure that things went smoothly, unexpected situations will always arise and can throw the best of plans into question. Throughout my years with Outtatown, I have seen this happen multiple times and each time new plans would come together, usually through creative brainstorming with co-workers, talking with ministry partners, or thinking outside the box. Usually, my first thought was that these plans were not ideal or not what I had planned, but I was grateful to have something in place that fit our particular need. Hearing stories afterwards, I have often been amazed at how God was at work and students were impacted by the new place or the new experience. God was at work, providing for us and, in the process, my trust in God’s faithfulness grew.

I am grateful for opportunities to have worked together with and learn from people in Canada and Guatemala who are passionate about God. I am grateful for the ways that I have been impacted by being able to journey alongside others in our life and faith journeys.

As spring has drawn to an end and summer is officially here, I wish you all well. May you all experience God’s love and peace throughout the summer season.

So long friends,


–  Deanna Braun, Former Guatemala Program Manager