Guatemala Outtatown

June: Little by Little, One Travels Far…

There she was, basking in the warmth of the September sun, waves crashing against the Manitoba Pioneer Camp canoe, praying with an open mind and content heart—“God, this semester is yours. Transform me, I desire to know you.”

She wiped her slate clean, handing God the worries, hurt, and troubles from back home. It wasn’t easy, but it allowed her to dive into community, seek God with her whole heart, be intentionally present and make the most of every experience. I suppose it’s true when people say, “be careful what you wish for,” or in this case “pray for.” Not only did our Heavenly Father blow her expectations out of the water, He also transformed her in unimaginable ways. These transformations happened during the urban plunges, experiencing beauty and brokenness in various forms, living in community, and most evidently through outdoor adventures and the instructors who changed her perspective.

Jesus held her along the way, reminding her even in the difficult times that she was, and is, never alone; that she is deeply loved and created in His image.

Outtatown has been such an adventure! I was given the opportunity to find a friend and home in Jesus, our Savior, who rescued me. The multitude of experiences we’ve had in the past semester have impacted and shaped where I stand in Christ—deeply rooted in His love and grace.

I’ve found passions and God-given gifts in myself and loved being alongside 23 other people on this same journey of discovery. Our community has grown in a variety of beautiful ways and I look forward to discovering the places our Father will guide us in Guatemala! He is a great God who loves to give great gifts. I am eternally grateful.

– Alison Berard (Guatemala '15/16)