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Remembering Rodney

Outtatown is built on relationships. As we travel around the world, it is our partners in the countries we visit that help make it safe for our students to learn and grow.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Rodney Dreyer, one of our long-time partners in South Africa. After suffering a stroke 10 days ago, Rodney passed away on Sunday morning.

Outtatown started travelling to South Africa in 2003, and Rodney played a significant role from the start, serving as one of two country guides. Rodney worked as a country advisor on matters relating to culture, history, safety, and local customs. He helped shape where we go and what we do.

Over the years, Rodney has continued to play a significant role. Most recently, Rodney was active in developing a program for our students while they are in the Cape region. This included overseeing the catering for our students while they are in the Simon’s Town region, as well as playing the role of partner in Strandfonein.

While in Strandfontein, Rodney made it his goal to give Outtatown students the best experience that would give them a well-rounded understanding of life for South Africans in the coloured community.

He would connect each student with a family to stay with for the week, and create opportunities for the students to serve alongside local organizations. Rodney also took time to share his passion for peace and conflict studies with our students in the form of classes and practical learning.

Rodney was an active member of Strandfontein Methodist Church, where he served as preacher, worship leader, choir director, prayer coordinator, and organist. He was passionate about creating education and work opportunities for youth and young adults, as well as working in the area of conflict resolution. Rodney always made people feel connected and at home.

It was an incredible privilege for Outtatown students and leaders to experience Rodney’s passion and heart for God, as well as the joy he displayed while telling stories of hope and reconciliation. We will miss him.

Please keep his wife Joyce, their family, and his community in your prayers.

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