SAVED: Student Testimonials


Students having fun while enjoying a boat tour on the Fraser River

“Outtatown forced me to challenge and explore set perceptions of God and redefine faith.  It ignited a sense of purpose in my life.” – Miriam


“The best year of my life!” – Erica  


“An outstanding blend of learning the rhythms of grace and learning about who we are in Christ.” – Arielle


“Outtatown has given me the opportunity to discover who I am without being influenced by my family or friends. I was given time to learn to heal and forgive. I discovered what kind of person I want to be in my life.” – Aly


“A defining year that I see now as crucial to how I understand myself.” – Jorden


"One of the overarching themes has been seeing the different faces of God and the ways that God works in all the various places we went, from the wonder of nature to the diversity of cultures." – Madeleine


Mountain top moments

“Outtatown may only be 8 months, but the knowledge I gained about God, the world, and myself will be valuable throughout my life.” – Kimberly


“Outtatown has given me the means to see this world, its people, myself and my saviour with new eyes and an open heart.  I’m leaving hungry for more answers, more experience, and more of Jesus.” – Spencer


“Outtatown has affirmed and expanded my beliefs. Relationship is central to the program and central to Christianity.” – Blayne


“Outtatown was the push I needed to grow more fully into the person God has intended me to be, while experiencing so much of his world.” – Melissa


 “Outtatown has taught me to look for the face of Jesus in every person I meet.  This year has shown me how wide, long, high and deep the love of God is and how His grace surpasses all understanding.  I have learnt how beauty and brokenness coexist in the world and how the blessing of community fits into this crazy, but wonderful picture.” – Anika


“Outtatown is the best year of my life.  It has changed and impacted me forever.” – Josh


Live out God’s good plan for your life

“Outtatown has been an incredible year of growth.  I’ve grown in courage, I’ve grown in curiosity, and I’ve grown in my relationship with God.  I’ve grown in knowledge and strength and my ability to love unconditionally.  I’ve learned to see things and question things, and to search for God’s presence wherever I go. It’s been an incredible year and I’ll never be the same because of it, and I never want to be the same because of how God has stretched me and transformed me.” – Tessa


“This program gave me the opportunity to explore my faith and other cultures.” – William


“Outtatown will test your patience, expose your frustrations and probably make you cry. But the relationships that will form, the growth you’ll experience and the things you will see will trump anything bad.” – Joey