Guatemala Mayan



Pioneer Camp

The first leg of your journey always starts in the heart of Canada, Manitoba. Since many of our students are from across Canada, we believe it's important that the journey begins right here, on home soil. Engaging in new places that take us out of our comfort zone at home can prepare us to do the same as we travel around the world.


Every year begins with a canoe trip on the stunning Lake of the Woods. As you travel through Western Canada, prepare to experience Canada through new eyes. Students will enter the inner cities of Winnipeg and Vancouver, where you will see firsthand some of the challenges of making ends meet while living on the street. You'll also get to see hope as you visit ministries and organizations that are making a difference in the city — places where God is moving.


Along the way, students will receive instruction from a variety of instructors, who are university professors, missionaries, church leaders, and youth workers that are passionate about working with students as they journey towards knowing God, yourself, and the world. Your classroom will be the downtown streets of a city, around a campfire, in a camp dining hall, at the top of a mountain, and many more locations. While in Manitoba, students will get the opportunity to spend time with a First Nations community where they will learn about culture and history. Students will build relationships and learn from the community.




Guatemala offers a full immersion into culture, diversity, and life changing experiences – the perfect backdrop to continue your exploration of what it means to live in community. It sits in the heart of Central America with its fascinating culture, rich and sometimes heartbreaking history, and a diverse collection of ecosystems thriving in close proximity to the breathtaking ancient Mayan ruins (as pictured above).

Guate City Dump

Get to know the people that make up Guatemala's population. Explore the parallels and differences with your own cultural history while learning Spanish and living with families of modest means to better understand life in Guatemala. Throughout the semester you will travel the country, volunteer with ministries in a variety of places; building homes, getting involved with local reforestation and sustainable agriculture initiatives, and teaching or playing with children in schools, orphanages, hospitals, and more.

Guatemala Work

Discover local traditions, visit colourful markets and make your own jewelry; explore ancient ruins, rainforests, and caves; go zip-lining, hike live volcanoes, and enjoy exploring your faith over a fresh cup of coffee and an abundance of tropical fruit. You will grow in your understanding of discipleship and Jesus's love as you experience this small, but diverse part of the earth.


As you travel across Western Canada and through Guatemala, get ready to test your courage as you paddle canoes across lakes, hike to the top of mountains and volcanoes, surf the shores of Central America, and bungee jump off a bridge. By the end of your trip, you will see your "home" with new eyes, and have a new perspective on the world!

Piniata Volcano HikeBungee Semuc Service IMG_5691 Antigua