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1. Lasting Impact of a year with Outtatown
2. Value of a "gap-year" program
3. The Outtatown Difference
4. University Credit
5. Continuing at CMU or other universities
6. Financial Investment
7. Financial Aid
8. Cost Comparison
9. Sample Schedule
10. International Students
11. Insurance
12. Flights
13. Safety and Risk Management

More FAQ can be found at FAQ – The Program and FAQ – Future Students 

1. Lasting Impact – Outtatown combines unique experiences to expand and shape the worldviews of students. The impact extends many years beyond graduation from the program, shaping who students are, what they do, and their relationship with God. Students come away with an increased awareness of themselves, their culture, and the world, and with an experiential appreciation for how God is present and moving in all of these places.

The program places an emphasis upon debriefing experiences and challenging students to ensure that the growth that happens on program extends beyond to life after graduation. Alumni from throughout Outtatown’s twenty year history speak of their experience as foundational, influencing how they see God in all aspects of life and see their work as vocations that God has called them to.  


2Gap-Year Program – A “gap-year” is not a year off from university or work, it’s an opportunity to grow as a person and as a student. It’s a year full of life-experiences that broaden a student’s worldview, the view of themselves and their community. It’s a chance to travel, meet new people and learn outside of a traditional classroom. Gap-year programs actually become a beneficial pathway to success in post-secondary education and the workplace, as the personal formation and variety of experiences contribute to giving them the self-confidence and determination to truly own these next steps.


3. The Outtatown Difference – There are many gap-year options to choose between, so what makes Outtatown unique? In addition to the opportunity to travel, gain life experiences, and build new friendships, Outtatown has a strong focus on discipleship and faith in Jesus. Students are encouraged to look for where they see Jesus working in their own lives and in the lives of people around them. We strive to provide many opportunities for students to grow in their faith through; sessions with instructors, regular worship times in their group, small groups, one on one mentoring, discussions around books that they are reading or the various experiences. Students are encouraged to be proactive and implement these pieces into their daily lives as a way of continuing to grow in their relationship with Jesus after Outtatown has ended for the year.

Here are some additional pieces that make Outtatown unique:

  • Travel within our own country before we travel internationally. We think it’s a really good idea to have a better sense of where we come from before we travel elsewhere.
  • Program is a university pathway, preparing students for more formal university settings and allow students to receive up to 18 University Credits.
  • Program qualifies for student loans.
  • Long standing partnerships, up to 20 years, with instructors, organizations, and ministries in Canada and the international locations that we travel to.
  • Students are accompanied by leaders who have graduated from university, and have lots of ministry and travel experience.
  • Debriefing experiences is a very important part of Outtatown. It allows us to process experiences, to learn from one another, to be shaped by what God is doing around and through us.

We have further information on Outtatown’s mission and method.


4. University Credit – All students that meet the CMU entrance requirements can receive up to 18 credit hours (full year), and up to 9 credit hours (one semester) for studies at CMU. Transfer to other universities depends on the class, school and program. More info here.


5. Continuing at CMU – Transcripts have to be requested in writing and need the student’s signature/authorization. There are online forms that can be accessed and filled in by the student.  

Former or current Outtatown students do not need to complete a new CMU application, but you must fill out an Outtatown/CMU Continuance Form. 

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6. Financial Investment – Cost includes tuition, books, food, accommodations, and in-country transportation with your site during the semester, many adventure activities, community events, museums, tours and cultural events. Cost of flights to the international location and trip cancellation insurance are added to the Outtatown fees. Read about current costs here.


7. Financial Aid – Outtatown students can apply for the Canadian Student Loans program. The program is also eligible for RESPs.  Outtatown has its own Leadership Scholarship and students can apply for CMU Scholarships and Bursaries and for CMU's Church Matching Grant. Check out Financial Aid for more information.


8. Cost Comparison – To study at CMU for a year, a full-time (24 credit hours/8 courses) Canadian student living in the dorm and using the full meal plan can expect to pay about $13,000 for the two semesters of studies at CMU. (Prices are in Canadian dollars.) 


9. Sample Schedule – View schedule overviews and sample schedules here. 


10. International Students – International students must meet the same admissions requirements to participate on Outtatown. If English is not your primary language you must demonstrate proficiency through a recognized English language test. International students are required to have their own health and travel insurance, for the full length of the program, and are also responsible for obtaining the appropriate student visas.

All Outtatown program fees are listed in Canadian funds.


11. Insurance – All students must be covered for travel health insurance for the international portion of Outtatown. This is important in case a health or dental issue arises and there is a need to access medical care. Students will need to pay for any medical services at the time of receiving the care and then submit the receipts to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Outtatown arranges a trip cancellation and travel health insurance package through our travel agent for Canadian students. All international students must have travel health insurance on their own, for the full length of the program.


12. Flights – Students are required to make their own arrangements to get to Winnipeg for Registration day and home after Graduation.

We will be working with our travel agent to arrange all flights for students in the Guatemala, South Africa, and Burkina Faso programs. Booking the flights as an entire group is strongly recommended as all students will arrive and depart at the same time. If students are considering other options, please notify the office for further information/guidelines.


13. Safety and Risk Management – In the Outtatown program we want to create stretching and growing experiences that will allow for maximized learning about God, the world, and about one’s self. In seeking to create a travel and adventure program, as well as a program that seeks to move in the direction of learning about issues like inner city issues, poverty, and injustice – we recognize the importance of managing the risk and safety of the participants. We want to enter into the experiences and opportunities to learn, serve, and adventure wisely and with good safety and security systems in place. As our groups travel through their various location, we seek to gain wisdom and insight from local, trusted, and experienced partners who advise us as to the best practices and important safety updates to be aware of.  The leaders of each Outtatown site will discuss topics like general travel safety, health, water safety and cross-cultural awareness with students in order to seek to manage risks along the way. 




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