Jonathan Janzen, M.A. – "Anabaptist Perspectives on Peace and Justice"

J (as he most often goes by) has been a part-time co-pastoral elder at Highland Community Church since January 2008. He gives oversight to the teaching times during worship gatherings, helps to coordinate small groups, and provides leadership support to Highland's service and witness locally and elsewhere. J was a site leader on the very first Outtatown group that went to Guatemala and has since joined as an instructor. J will be teaching the students about Anabaptist Theology as well as peace and following Jesus. Students have often found that J's topics are the beginning for great discussions and find him to be an engaging instructor.

J and his wife Andrea travel to Guatemala during the second semester to spend a week with the site community there. They will play the roles of pastors-in-residence, will be available for prayer, and will walk alongside the community.


Steve Klassen, M.Div. – "Studies in the Book of Mark / Listening to God"

Evy and Steve Klassen together have given leadership to the MARK Centre from its inception. They believe that God speaks to people today in a variety of ways, and have written a collection of their stories in "Your Ears Will Hear." They both love to guide people in listening experiences and to facilitate short retreats.

Steve has a long history as an instructor with Outtatown. Steve generally teaches for a couple days, and then leads the students in a spiritual retreat day where the students are sent off to spend a day with God. Steve then spends a day debriefing the students on their retreat day. Each student receives a copy of his book, “Your Ears Will Hear.” This is a valuable resource for students to take with them.


Kevin Snyder – "Faith and Relationships"

Kevin has been involved in youth ministry for over 15 years. He is currently a pastor at Coast Hills Community Church. Kevin’s wife Sharon has been an instructor for girl’s week for many years, and now it’s Kevin’s turn to be involved with Outtatown. He will be spending a week with the Guy’s during guy/girl week, talking about what it means to be a man of God. He loves outdoor adventure and always fits in great with the guys.