Student Resources


Two Semester Schedule Overview

Semester One
  • Registration Day is the 2nd Sunday of September
  • 6 Weeks of program orientation, instruction, service and adventure in Manitoba
  • 6 Weeks or service adventure and semester debrief in Alberta/B.C.
  • Ends the first week of December
Semester Two 
  • 2nd week of January, Depart for International Location
  • 1 Week of Orientation in South Africa or Guatemala
  • 11 Weeks of learning, service and adventure
  • 1 Week of Debrief in South Africa or Guatemala
  • Graduation Weekend in mid-April in Winnipeg, Manitoba 

CLICK HERE for a Guatemala detailed schedule.

CLICK HERE for a South Africa detailed Schedule


One Semester French/English Schedule Overview

  • Registration day is the 2nd Sunday of September
  • 2 Weeks of orientation and instruction in Manitoba
  • 3 Weeks service, adventure and instruction in Quebec
  • 5 Weeks of service, instruction, and adventure in Burkina Faso
  • 2 Weeks of service and debrief in France
  • Graduation is on the 1st Sunday of December

CLICK HERE for a more detailed schedule.


Travel Information


Outtatown will require all students to have an up to date passport, that will not expire for 6 months after the end of the program (this is a requirement for most Visas to the countries we travel). Students are encouraged to start this process as soon as they receive acceptance into the program, and will be expected to send a photocopy into the office for processing flights.

Medical Insurance

All students will be expected to have medical coverage for the duration of the program. Prior to registration day, students will be expected to provide their provincial health insurance number.

For traveling abroad, all students will be expected to purchase international health insurance. Outtatown will provide options for Canadian students that do not have other coverage.

Travel Health Requirements/Vaccinations

All students are expected to visit their local travel health clinic to receive any necessary vaccinations. This will differ depending on which international location you are going to. It is important to ask your doctor. We are not a medical office and cannot provide a list of what vaccinations to receive. Your doctor, or local travel health clinic will have the most up to date recommendations. If you have questions, feel free to contact the office.


It's often quite difficult to decide what to bring when you will be gone for nearly 3 months. It may be your first time away from home for that long, or the first time you've been "living on the road". As a program that has been doing this for many years, we've found a lot of value in giving you some recommendations for packing. Click on the links below to find detailed packing lists for our programs. We would recommend you think minimalist, and remember that you will be responsible for packing, and moving your own luggage whenever we move locations. The more you bring, the more you are responsible for.

CLICK HERE for the Guatemala packing list.

CLICK HERE for the South Africa packing list.

CLICK HERE for the Burkina Faso packing list.


The above information is just to get you started, you will be receiving a student handbook and emails that will give you more information as you prepare for the year ahead!