Site Photos

2016/17 Community Photos

As a program we travel in site communities, below you'll find a photo for each of our sites this year! Be sure to keep them in your prayers as they travel across Canada, and into Guatemala & South Africa.



2016/17 Staff


Back Row: Paul, Cam, Andrew, Janelle, Justin, Joel, Alanna, Julien, Kathleen
Middle Row: Deanna, Julia, Renee
Front Row: Carissa, Rianna

Site 1 – Guatemala


Back Row: Alex, Caleb, Matthew, Jesse, Andrew, Max, Kari
Middle Row: Olivia, Carissa, Matthew, Adam, Cassidy, Taylor, Jennifer, Stephanie
Front Row: Julia, Shelby, Kayla, Heather

Site 2 – South Africa



Back Row: Jonah, Joey, Justin, Joshua, Sean, Eli, Adam
Middle/Back Row: Sidney,  Benjamin, Timothy, Joshua, Daniel, Julien, Cole, Andrew
Middle Row: Hannah, Lydia, Bethany, Naomi, Holly, Silas, Holly, Danielle, Reanne, Skye
Middle/Front Row: Jessica, Jana, Alyssa, Brianna, Katherine, Bailey, Alexa
Front Row: Jannelle, Amani, Tezeta, Hadiya, Rianna

Site 3 – Burkina Faso


Back Row: Alex, Cole, Alanna, Owen
Front Row: Sarah, Liam, Joel, Nicola, Madison