Cost Breakdown


  • Outtatown qualifies for the Canada Student Loans program, and select Provincial Loan Programs. (Provincial loans are dependent on the student's home province.)
  • Scholarships and Bursaries are available. Click here for more information on our bursary and scholarship options.
  • CMU will issue a T2202A Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate for first and second semester tuition.
  • Students may choose to fundraise through their church, community, family and friends. Note: CMU is unable to offer a charitable donation receipt for any funds that are donated to a student's tuition.
  • Following acceptance, students are required to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold their spot on the program. This deposit is applied to second semester tuition.

Guatemala 2016/17

$250       Books/Materials
$4,909    First Semester Tuition
$4,852    Room & Board
$4,909    Second Semester Tuition
$18         Student Services Fee
$14,938  SUBTOTAL

$1,230     Airfare & Trip Cancellation Insurance (Approximate)
$16,168  TOTAL

South Africa

South Africa 2016/17

$250       Books/Materials  
$5,024    First Semester Tuition
$4,956    Room & Board 
$5,025    Second Semester Tuition
$18         Student Services Fee
$15,273  SUBTOTAL

$2,000    Airfare & Trip Cancellation Insurance
$17,273  TOTAL


Burkina Faso 2016

$200     Books/Materials
$3,957  Tuition
$2,837  Room & Board
$18       Student Services Fee
$7,012  SUBTOTAL

$2,400  Airfare/Trip Cancelation Insurance/VISA (Approximate)
$9,412  TOTAL