Site 1 – Guatemala

Luke Wahl original

Luke Wahl

Luke is a real live alumnus of the Outtatown Guatemala program from 2011-2012. That was when He realized his deep love for community and travel. In the years between then and now he has been fairly busy and very blessed! Travelling back to Central America (Costa Rica/Panama) with YWAM, exploring the UK (Wales/Scotland/England), as well as graduating from Lethbridge College with a diploma in Criminal Justice. Recently Luke has found himself working in social work and volunteering in anti-sexual exploitation efforts.  Having opportunities to be able to do something that he enjoys while making a difference is one of the richest blessings God has given him.

On a hot day, you can expect to see Luke covered in sunscreen outside for a run, playing sports with buddies, biking, or hiding inside doing something relatively boring. It is not unusual to see him reading a book, playing a video game, or strumming a guitar, and if you are sneaky you might catch him in the middle of an impromptu dance party with his roommate.

Small Christian communities are the best places in the world according to Luke. Being a part of another one is an incredible gift and responsibility he is eager to engage in.  It is Luke’s hope and prayer that all the students would grow in confidence, Christlikeness, and desire to pursue God in all their future endeavours during and post-Outtatown.

Now it’s time for a new adventure. Melodie is so excited for the next year and for Site 1 to journey together and to seek the Lord together, with lots of laughter and adventures in store.

Brette Elias original

Brette Elias

Brette is back! As a returning site leader for the Guatemala site, Brette is stoked to journey in community on this awesome adventure. She is thrilled to see God's hand at work in her own life, as well as the students, as He pursues the with His relentless love.

Brette hails from the prairies of Manitoba. She spent her whole life dreaming of adventures. After high school she ventured out on the Outtatown program to Guatemala. This is where God really grabbed a hold of her heart and began to show her the depth of his love. 

Brette graduated from Briercrest College & Seminary in Saskatchewan, with a BA in Psychology. With adventures taking her across Canada, to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, California, as well as Cambodia. She has been given opportunities to learn Spanish, serve with a variety of missions organizations, learning dance from choreographers in LA, and teaching English in Asia. She has learned to greatly appreciate Latin American culture. The language, the food, and the laid back sense of time often feel more at home than she does in Canada. 

Brette loves dancing (of any kind), the great outdoors, camping, kayaking, the ocean, a good book, and travelling. Her primary passions are people, discipleship, freedom, and seeing people come alive as they talk about their passions, and discover who they were created to be.

static about spending another year travelling and working with Outtatown! He can’t wait to go bungee jumping, hike, climb volcanoes and mountains, and travel across Canada as a community. But most of all, Brian is excited to see how God will move and work in his own life, as well as how He will grow and use the Outtatown Guatemala site this yearRenee Willms
David Hosie

David Hosie

Dave earned his degree in 2016 from Columbia Bible College with a major in Intercultural Studies and a minor in Applied Leadership Studies. His college days consisted of working hard during the week and then getting out into the mountains on the weekends with his fellow students. David is excited to return for his second year with the Guatemala site. 

Back home on Vancouver Island, Dave loves to get in the big ol' blue and catch any swell that comes his way; a stoked surfer after any storms. Dave grew up spending his summers on a sailboat and loves going wherever the wind takes him. He loves to spearfish and is happy to hook you up with some good ol' lingcod if you find yourself on the island. 

Dave loves hanging out on the margins of society, and when not in the ocean he can probably be found serving on the streets downtown and maybe even deep in the jungles of Costa Rica with an indigenous community.  

As his kiwi friend told him when living down in New Zealand, Dave is stoked to "get amongst it" with everyone this next year. Dave loves to adventure but he loves some solid intentional conversation even more.  Dave sends his greetings from deep in the coastal mountains of BC as he serves as a mountain guide with Beyond Malibu, a Young Life Camp. 


Rachel Herold Photo-website

Rachel Herold

Rachel grew up in Toronto, but moved to Vancouver six years ago to study International Politics at the University of British Columbia. During her time at UBC, Rachel had opportunities to work and study in Ottawa, New Zealand and India. These travels ignited her passions for adventure, cultural understanding and humanitarian issues around the world.

As she moved and made family around the globe, Rachel found both her faith in God and her love for the world deepened. This journey continued last year as Rachel joined the Outtatown Guatemala team as a Site Leader. Rachel was blown away by the intentionality of love and reflections of Jesus that she found demonstrated in the Outtatown community and people they work with in Canada and Guatemala. She learned about trusting God and walking with confidence in the direction he leads. She is excited to join a new community for anther year of relationship building, personal discoveries and hilarious adventures.

As an Outtatown leader, Rachel is excited to journey with others as they discover God and themselves through adventure and community the same way she has.