Interested in leading with Outtatown?

Every year we hire new site leaders to join our team of returning leaders. This helps create a balance on each of leadership teams, with returning leaders having the opportunity to use previous years experience, and new leaders coming in with fresh eyes, and new perspective to be offered.

An Outtatown Site Leader must be a committed follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, a learner, and at the same time dedicated to teaching and training young adults to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. The Site Leader must be willing to work closely with others in leadership settings, which are dynamic and constantly changing. Excellent communication skills are an asset, as is enjoyment of travel and adventure, with a tolerance for the unpredictability of life lived with students in a mobile school setting. It is recommended that the Site Leader have a Bible College degree or Bachelor’s degree, and significant youth leadership experience.

This is an incredible job for the right person. It will spoil you for pretty much anything that will come after it. If you are interested in discovering more, we would love to be involved in a discernment process to explore your gifts, heart and abilities, to see if there is a match between what lights your fires and what is needed to do this job with excellence. Feel free to drop by our office at CMU in Winnipeg, or give us a call.

CLICK HERE for the Application Process.